About CMTR

  College Level Mathematics Talent Hunt in Rajasthan ( CMTR )  

In order to encourage the academic activities and to search talent in Mathematics , a competitive examination  “ College Level Mathematics Talent Hunt in Rajasthan “ was started.

  Eligibility :  

Students of Degree level classes of Universities, Deemed Universities,Government., Non Government, Engineering Colleges of the State are eligible to appear in the Examination.

  Date  and Time of  Examination :  

CMTR Examination is held every year on National Mathematics Day i.e., 22nd  December  between 12 noon to 2.00 P. M.

  Centre of  Examination :  

The College is alloted Centre where minimum 30 students are  registered for the examination.The Principal acts as Centre Supdt. and Coordinator to conduct the examination.

  Fees :  

A token fee of Rs 100 per student is prescribed for this examination.

  Convener and Coordinators :  

The Excutive committee appoint one Convener to conduct  the examination  .

The  Head of Mathematics Department of various colleges to work as Coordinators to conduct the examination.

Syllabus and Question Papers of previous years are given .

  Medals and Merit Certificates :   

To honour and encourage the students

  1.   A Gold Medal is Awarded to fist position holder
  2.   A silver Medal is awarded to second position holder.
  3.   Twenty Five Merit certificates are awarded in order of merit.