About Ganita Sandesh


A Half Yearly International Research Journal



Immediately after the formation of the Parishad, to meet its  aim and objectives  of encouraging the Research and Teaching Mathematics , the Executive Committee decided to start a half yearly research Journal titled “ Ganita Sandesh “.

 Release Ceremony

                        The first volume was released on 8th April, 1988 in the Seminar Room of Government College, AJMER by renowned Researcher Prof R. P. Agarwal, the then Vice Chancellor, University of Rajasthan, JAIPUR. Besides the members of the Executive, local teachers and a good number of Scholars and Researchers from Jaipur and other places of the state attended the function.

 ISSN  : 0970 – 9169 


                        The research papers are reviewed by the eminent subject experts before accepted for publication.

            The published papers also reviewed by the following  International Agencies :

             (1 )  Mathematical Reviews ,  ( American Mathematical Society )

             ( 2 )  Zentrablatt MATH           ( Germany )

 Editorial Board

                        The editorial Board consists of well known researchers from Abroad and Various Indian Universities, IIT‘s. Time to time the editorial board  is also updated and more experts from various specializations and super specializations are included.

 Exchange Journals

                        A number of Research Journals from India and abroad  are being received in exchange of  “Ganita Sandesh”. The same are available at the Head Quarter, P.G. and Research Department of Mathematics, S.P.C. Government College, AJMER. The Research Scholars, Teachers, Researchers consult the journals.


Some of the contributors are :

 Foreigners :  

1. Buschman                                       2. Exton                                       3.  Saigo., M. ( Japan )

4. Srivastava H. M.( Victoria )        5. Mathai A. M. (Canada )              6. Kalla, S. L.


1. Agarwal, R. P.,  Lucknow            2. Kapur, J.N., Meerut                     3. Singal, M. K., Meerut             

4. Saxena, R.K.,  Jodhpur               5. Bansal, J. L., Jaipur                     6. Pathan, M. A., Aligarh      

7. Gupta, K. C., Jaipur                     8. Gupta, C. B., Pilani                      9. Banerji, P. K., Jodhpur         

10. Raj, Bali, Jaipur                        11. Goyal, S. P., Jaipur                     12. Garg, Mridula, Jaipur      

13. Sharma, P R., Jaipur                14. Sharma, D. C., CURaj.               15. Saha, L.M., New Delhi

Dr ANIL GOKHROO is the present Editor of “Ganita Sandesh”

E-Mail : editor@rgp.co.in